Bosses are a unique enemy class outfitted with superior weapons, high health, rechargeable shields, special abilities, and other traits. They are far stronger than regular units as they will use varying strategies to deal damage and avoid taking it. More often than not, they require team coordination to defeat.

Assassination Bosses

These Bosses are found on Assassination missions. Each boss has a set of lines to "taunt" the Tenno sent to kill them. They drop mods and resources upon death. Depending on which Boss the player is fighting, Blueprints of Warframes parts and special Weapons parts will often be rewarded upon mission completion.


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Field Bosses

<section begin=assassins /> Field Bosses are rare boss-like enemies that hunt players in random locations after doing certain things against their Factions. Some field bosses only spawn after earning their respective Death Marks in the process, while others require players to be in a specific mission in order to spawn. Defeating these rare enemies may yield exquisitely rare resources, parts and blueprints. <section end=assassins />

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Retired Bosses


  • All bosses and assassins have a rare chance to drop an Orokin Cell upon death. This chance is fully separate from the planet's resource drop rate.
    • As such, it is possible for General Sargas Ruk and Lieutenant Lech Kril to drop two instances of Orokin Cells, the first instance coming from the planet's rare drop and the second instance coming from the rare chance.

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