초고열의 물질을 보관하기 위한 봉쇄 필드를 클랜의 기술로 무기화한 장치입니다.

—In-Game Description

The Fieldron is a component used in the crafting of weapons from the Dojo Energy Lab.

Blueprints for Fieldrons can be purchased from the Energy Lab interface in the Dojo for Credits64 15,000 once it has been researched. These blueprints are not reusable so one must buy multiple blueprints to craft multiple Fieldrons. It is also a potential Invasion reward. Fieldron can also drop from Corpus Storage Containers.


Research Requirements
Resources Quantity
FieldronSample64 Fieldron Sample 5
Rubedo64 Rubedo 100
NanoSpores64 Nano Spores 500
PolymerBundle64 Polymer Bundle 200
Credits64 Credits 5.000
Build Time 72 hours
Crafting Requirements
Resources Quantity
FieldronSample64 Fieldron Sample 10
ControlModule64 Control Module 1
Salvage64 Salvage 500
Plastids64 Plastids 250
Credits64 Credits 15,000
Time 12 hours
Rush Build Platinum64 25
파일:Fieldron Crafting.jpg

Blueprints Requiring Fieldron편집

Blueprint Type Quantity
Dera Rifle 2
Flux Rifle Rifle 5
Lanka Rifle 5
Prova Melee 1
Supra Rifle 7
Spectra Pistol 3
Dual Cestra Pistol 2
Helios Sentinel 10
Amprex Rifle 8
Serro Melee 1
Quanta Rifle 7
Glaxion Rifle 1
Opticor Rifle 5
Convectrix Rifle 5
Staticor Pistol 10
Total: 72

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