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—인게임 설명

Plastids are an uncommon component that can be found on Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto and Eris regions. It is usually found in quantities of 10 to 30.

Blueprints Requiring Plastids편집

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Dark Dagger Melee 150
Dark Sword Melee 200
Cernos Bow 700
Dread Bow 900
Paris Bow 600
Boar Shotgun 900
Latron Rifle 800
Soma Rifle 850
Hikou Throwing Stars 500
Kohmak Pistol 5,000
Vulkar Sniper Rifle 800
Snipetron Sniper Rifle 900
Ash Systems Component 500
Banshee Systems Component 400
Ember Systems Component 220
Excalibur Systems Component 220
Frost Systems Component 220
Frost Prime Systems Component 220
Loki Systems Component 220
Mag Systems Component 220
Nova Systems Component 600
Nyx Systems Component 220
Rhino Systems Component 600
Saryn Systems Component 350
Trinity Systems Component 220
Valkyr Systems Component 400
Vauban Systems Component 220
Volt Systems Component 220
Detonite Injector Research 250
Fieldron Research 250
Mutagen Mass Research 250
Force and Phase Specter Support 1,000
Chroma Neuroptics Component 200
Chroma Chassis Component 50
Jordas Verdict Key Key 2,000
Wukong Systems Component 4,000


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64‍ 30 for 300 Plastids.

—In-Game Description

Beginning in 9 materials could be purchased directly from the market for Platinum64 Platinum.

Gathering Tips편집

These are based on opinions and may not be true. These should be viewed as advice unless proven undoubtedly true. Check comments for confirmation.

  • Defense mission in Miranda (Uranus) has a lot of containers and can possibly yield around 100 Plastids per 5 waves.
  • With all nodes completed, using a Titan Extractor on Uranus gives many Plastids and Polymer Bundle with ease. It also has a slight chance to drop 3-4 Detonite Ampule.
  • Playing Multiple Rounds of defense on Eris will usually yield a sufficient amount of Plastids if all storage containers and enemies are looted.


  • Clan weapons hold one of the main reasons to farm Plastids, as components require bundles of 250 for each component. Since no planet lists Plastids first, and the fact that they drop in very low amounts, they are often considered the hardest resource to farm for, excluding rares.
  • Some planets that drop Plastids often drop the first resource much more often, and coupled with the low amount per drop, this can lead to very long missions with little Plastids gained.

Trivia 편집

  • A plastid is a double-membrane organelle within plant cells, typically found in algae.