옥슘은 오로킨 시대의 기술로 만들어진 공기보다 가벼운 금속입니다.

—인게임 설명

Oxium is an uncommon component. Dropped by the uncommonly encountered Oxium Osprey with a guaranteed drop rate, it can be found in quantities of 7-12 and will only drop if the Osprey is killed before it destroys itself by charging against the player, an ally, or a wall.

Oxium can also be found in by destroying Storage Containers, and by opening Caches in Orokin Derelict Sabotage missions.

Gathering Tips편집

These tips are based on opinion and may not be true. They should be viewed as advice and not solid fact.

  • Playing Corpus Excavation, Defense, Survival and Mobile Defense missions can yield a decent amount of Oxium per run. Easiest Corpus node is Kiliken, Venus, an Excavation mission.
  • 20 waves of Defense on Tessera, Venus can yield around 50 Oxium if extracted properly.
  • Playing on Cerberus, Pluto can yield about 60-139 Oxium in 4 Rounds. (Depending on total Osprey kills)
  • Baal, Europa can yield 50-95 Oxium per run with a 4-player team.
  • Doing Sabotage and Capture missions while being as loud as possible by destroying all enemies can yield a fair amount of Oxium, especially on Venus, where there aren't too many high-level enemies. Just don't let the targets escape in Capture.
  • Some Corpus Alerts can yield a high amount of Oxium.
  • An easy way to kill the Oxium Ospreys without getting them to self-destruct, and therefore not drop any Oxium, is to use Frost's Freeze ability and quickly destroying them while they are slowed down or using Nyx's Mind Control which will deal high damage to it when the effect ends. If using Mind Control, make sure there are no other enemies around, otherwise, the Osprey will self-destruct attacking them. Using Nekros' Fear ability also quickly destroys them.


  • As it's dropped by a specific enemy and is not a planet-specific drop, it cannot be obtained by using Extractors.
  • Previously Oxium only dropped in quantities of 1-2, but most items required several hundred units of Oxium so the drop amount was drastically increased.
  • Sometimes Oxium can get stuck in the ceiling in narrow hallways/locations with a low ceiling, Loot Radar mods ( Animal Instinct & Thief's Wit ) can help locating those otherwise invisible resource drops.
  • Oxium can also be acquired from Grineer/Corpus/Orokin storage containers, albeit with a very low chance. Therefore, one should not rely on this source due to it being unreliable and infrequent.
  • As of May 17th, 2016, 25,328 Oxium is required to build all blueprints that require Oxium once.
  • As of 18, Nekros can desecrate Oxium Ospreys.

Blueprints Requiring Oxium편집

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Oxium.
Blueprint Type Quantity
Amaru Chroma Helmet Cosmetic 300
Atlas Shikoro Helmet Cosmetic 1200
Bolt Release Item 20
Cierzo Zephyr Helmet Cosmetic 2
Convectrix Primary 900
Chroma Systems Component 400
Distilling Extractor Item 150
Drac Chroma Helmet Cosmetic 300
Dragon Nikana Melee 75
Elytron Wings Component 4000
Grattler Archwing Weapon 3500
Halikar Melee 500
Hidden Messages Key Quest Key 4
Helios Sentinel 300
Inaros Chassis Component 100
Itzal Systems Component 200
Itzal Harness Component 300
Itzal Wings Component 400
Incubator Upgrade Segment Misc 1200
Mantis Fuselage Component 1800
Mesa Chassis Component 50
Nikana Melee 75
Karyst Melee 100
Kohm Primary 500
Sands of Inaros Key Quest Key 400
Solstice Equinox Helmet Cosmetic 400
Sonicor Secondary 600
Talons Secondary 1200
Tonbo Melee 100
Tonkor Primary 200
Tengu Zephyr Helmet Cosmetic 2
Trinity Prime Chassis Component 500
Trinity Prime Neuroptics Component 450
Vauban Prime Chassis Component 7000
Zephyr Neuroptics Component 200
Zephyr Chassis Component 200
Zephyr Systems Component 200


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64‍ 30 for 300 Oxium.

—In-Game Description

Oxium was added to the Market in 12.6.

Patch History편집

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