전쟁으로 난파된 함선의 인양작업 중에 발견된 고가의 금속입니다.

—인게임 설명

Salvage is a common component that can be found on MarsJupiter and Sedna. It is usually found in quantities of hundreds. Salvage is an important component in crafting many blueprints.

Blueprints Requiring Salvage 편집

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Amphis Melee 500
Ankyros Melee 900
Bo Melee 900
Djinn Sentinel 30,000
Dual Cleavers Melee 1,000
Dual Ether Melee 900
Dual Heat Swords Melee 900
Dual Ichor Melee 15,000
Dual Skana Melee 900
Dual Zoren Melee 900
Ether Sword Melee 750
Fragor Melee 750
Furax Melee 900
Galatine Melee 750
Glaive Melee 4,500
Gram Melee 750
Hate Melee 4,500
Jat Kittag Melee 5,000
Kestrel Melee 4,000
Kogake Melee 1,200
Machete Melee 750
Orthos Melee 900
Plasma Sword Melee 450
Prova Melee 1,000
Scindo Melee 750
Skana Melee 750
Akstiletto Pistol 800
Acrid Pistol 6,000
Embolist Pistol 15,000
Furis Pistol 400
Kraken Pistol 750
Twin Gremlins Pistol 1,500
Viper Pistol 300
Despair Thrown 4,500
Hikou Thrown 4,000
Kunai Thrown 4,000
Boltor Rifle 900
Gorgon Rifle 6,000
Grakata Rifle 900
Hind Rifle 1,000
Latron Rifle 900
Snipetron Rifle 900
Soma Rifle 8,000
Supra Rifle 7,000
Synapse Rifle 30,000
Vulkar Rifle 1,200
Dread Bow 4,500
Boar Shotgun 750
Hek Shotgun 900
Kohm Shotgun 2,500
Sobek Shotgun 900
Torid Grenade Launcher 4,500
Ogris Rocket Launcher 5,000
Ash Systems Component 500
Ember Systems Component 500
Excalibur Systems Component 500
Frost Systems Component 500
Frost Prime Systems Component 500
Loki Systems Component 500
Mag Systems Component 500
Nyx Systems Component 500
Rhino Systems Component 500
Trinity Systems Component 500
Volt Systems Component 500
Scorpion Ash Helmet Helmet 500
Locust Ash Helmet Helmet 500
Reverb Banshee Helmet Helmet 500
Chorus Banshee Helmet Helmet 500
Phoenix Ember Helmet Helmet 500
Backdraft Ember Helmet Helmet 500
Avalon Excalibur Helmet Helmet 500
Pendragon Excalibur Helmet Helmet 500
Aurora Frost Helmet Helmet 500
Squall Frost Helmet Helmet 500
Essence Loki Helmet Helmet 500
Swindle Loki Helmet Helmet 500
Coil Mag Helmet Helmet 500
Gauss Mag Helmet Helmet 500
Flux Nova Helmet Helmet 500
Menticide Nyx Helmet Helmet 500
Vespa Nyx Helmet Helmet 500
Thrak Rhino Helmet Helmet 500
Vanguard Rhino Helmet Helmet 500
Hemlock Saryn Helmet Helmet 500
Chlora Saryn Helmet Helmet 500
Aura Trinity Helmet Helmet 500
Meridian Trinity Helmet Helmet 500
Esprit Vauban Helmet Helmet 500
Gambit Vauban Helmet Helmet 500
Storm Volt Helmet Helmet 500
Pulse Volt Helmet Helmet 500
Detonite Injector Research 500
Fieldron Research 500
Mutagen Mass Research 500


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64‍ 30 for 3000 Salvage.

—In-Game Description

Beginning in 9 materials could be purchased directly from the market for Platinum64 Platinum.

Gathering Tips편집

These are based on opinions and may not be true. These should be viewed as advice for finding the materials until better facts are proven.

  • Olympus (Defense Mission) in Mars has a high drop rate of Salvage. The endless defense mission has a higher concentration of mobs and also contains a high amount of storage containers and lockers, which also have a chance to drop Salvage.
  • Carme (Mobile Defense) on Jupiter has a very high chance to drop salvage, possibly as high as 2000 a run if you loot all of the containers and lockers. Io (Defense) and Callisto (Interception) on Jupiter also have a high drop rate of salvage - approx. 800 - 900 after each run to either wave 5 or round 1 respectively.
  • Kappa (Mobile Defense) in Sedna, since 9.5.3, will drop Salvage in plentiful amounts. Remember to bring four people to maximize mob spawns, and any mob clearing abilities (such as Nova's Molecular Prime) to quickly wipe out mobs, making room for more spawns. Groups of three yield 500-700+, while groups of four meeting the above criteria yield 1000+ per run.

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