이 생물체 덩어리는 무기로 사용 가능한 독을 생성할 수 있습니다.

—In-Game Description

Mutagen Mass is a component used in the crafting of weapons from the Dojo Bio Lab. Blueprints for Mutagen Masses can be purchased from the Bio Lab interface in the Dojo for Credits64 15,000 once it has been researched.


Can be crafted and is occasionally offered as a reward for completing Invasion type missions.

Research Requirements
Resources Quantity
MutagenSample64 Mutagen Sample 5
Circuits64 Circuits 150
NanoSpores64 Nano Spores 500
Plastids64 Plastids 100
Credits64 Credits 5,000
Time 72 hours
Manufacturing Requirements
Resources Quantity
MutagenSample64 Mutagen Sample 10
ControlModule64 Control Module 1
Salvage64 Salvage 500
Plastids64 Plastids 250
Credits64 Credits 15,000
Build Time 12 hours
Rush Build Platinum64 25

Blueprints Requiring Mutagen Mass편집

Blueprint Type Quantity
Acrid Pistol 5
Cerata Glaive 4
Dark Split-Sword Heavy Blade / Dual Swords 10
Dual Ichor Dual Short Axe 4
Dual Toxocyst Dual Pistols 4
Djinn Sentinel 6
Embolist Continuous Pistol 5
Mios Blade and Whip 4
Mutalist Quanta Continuous Rifle 5
Paracyst Rifle 5
Phage Continuous Shotgun 4
Pox Thrown Secondary 4
Scoliac Whip 4
Synapse Continuous Rifle 5
Torid Grenade Launcher 2
Total: 71

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